Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card

12:13 AM


Here's my design for Nuffnang's Youth credit card contest..

I name this card,

"Like a Youth" 

"Like a Youth" as like a sir meme in 9gag..9gag is famous especially for the Y generation and that's why i put the feel like a sir meme in this card..or actually i'm too addicted with 9gag?

This card actually is transparent as you can see in the second picture: Like a Youth-2 (ke tak nampak transparent?)..For more details you can right click and save then view it by yourself..hihi

I choose "I'M YOUTH, I'M JOY" phrases because as a youth, i feel like i'm a joy myself..(is it true mira?)
Like a Youth-1

Like a Youth-2
isn't it cool?

win like a sir
(ok sila lempang saya)

ok wish me luck :)

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